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    Dust To Glass To Dust – Poem

    Dust To Glass To Dust – Poem. You thought you would escape the dust.You denied it’s sacredness.You refused my utterances.You thought dust was only:The black soil you till crops.The gray soil along the river beds.The brown soil on the side walks.You forgot!Oh yes it is a common human trait!To forget!Thus, you tried to run away from the dust.But you can’t run away from the dust.Just like you can’t run away from yourself.Don’t you see the dust?It’s all around you.Cleaning and wiping won’t make it disappear.It’s in the glass!Your drinking cup, the plate, the wine goblet.Look at window panes and sky scrappers.Tranparent, brittle, solid, majestic pieces of material.Don’t be deceived!Glass is…