We are a group of imperfect people who believe in the power of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, Faith, Hope and Love. We believe they working through us can help bring healing, redemption, restoration to a hurting world and we know we are not alone. We know the world is full of people like us.

The name Ahavaha is derived from the Hebrew word Ahavah which means Love.

Why not join us on this journey of Faith, Hope and Love with the Leadership of Jesus Christ as we share with you articles, poetry, stories, cards, bible verses or quotes . Sometimes, we will encourage you, other times we will inspire you, make you laugh, or even make you cringe.

All in all, we pray that you leave this website faith filled, hopeful, loved, inspired, encouraged!

Please spread the faith, hope and love by sharing our free poems, posts, pictures and cards with friends, family and the world.

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