Poem: What Age is it?

Poem - What age is it


What age are we living in today?

With no love

With no peace

With no joy

With no patience

With no loyalty

With no gentleness

With no faithfulness

With no self-control

With no generosity

With no charity

With no Humility

All we care about is ourselves

Our name

Our desires

Our wants

Our needs

Me! Me! Me!

What about others?

What about our neighbors?

So many unanswered questions


Are we afraid?

Afraid of what we shall find

If we take a moment

To look inside?

Afraid of the decay

Found in ourselves?

A signal for change?

I wish we could do better

Give a hand

Give help

Give support

Give encouragement

Give Inspiration

Make tomorrow better

For us and our neighbors

But, that’s just me amusing

I slowly realize that it’s only God

Who can make it all better

But my question still stands

What age is it?


Gabriella   Opifini

Please check out the poem designed on a post card.

Also published on Medium.

  • Personally, I believe we are living in the last age of human history. There does seem to be more hate now than at any time since I’ve been alive. (67 yrs.) It is disheartening to read about politics and religion today. The nations are all angry at each other, it seems. Drugs and human trafficking are such horrendous evils in our time.

    Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” Matt. 24:37 In Noah’s day, every thought of the people was, “evil continually.”

    • Belle, you are right and many of your Blog posts talk about many of these events. Thanks for stopping by. It’s always a delight to read from you.

    • Thank you for sharing your deeply spiritual and truly enlightening insights with us and helping to provide an answer.

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