The Importance, Therapy And Allure Of Writing In A Journal, Notebook, Diary

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The Importance, Therapy And Allure Of Writing In A Journal, Notebook, Diary.

Despite the advent of digital technology and tools (mobile phones, computers, tablets) which can be used for writing, books and paper have never lost their allure, appeal, value and importance in the changing environment that we live in.

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There is no feeling like writing down your thoughts, reflections and meditations in a journal or diary.

There is a uniqueness that comes from brainstorming and sound boarding using a notepad to jot down your inner most feelings and aspirations.

There is a special art that comes from doodling and scribbling freely and abundantly.

Young children who have not learnt to use digital tools, can still be given paper and pen to play and learn.

A diary and journal is still a special gift for a loved one, friends and family.

Sometimes it’s much quicker and faster to jot down points in a note book and journal during a church sermon , a conference or meeting.

If you pray daily, getting your prayers into a journal or diary can be a helpful way to grow closer to Jesus and to monitor your progress.

In life there is so much to be grateful for. Gratitude is an attitude that offers healing and growth. A gratitude journal can help you write down the things you are thankful for so that you keep growing and your life is filled with positivity. 

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, writing can help to provide therapy for tumultuous thoughts as it provides an outlet and thus ways of healing.


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