The Book: How it is that sins are forgiven

The Book- How it is that sins are forgiven

The Book: How it is that sins are forgiven, is  204 page hardcover book which endeavours to bring enlightenment to the issue of the conception of sin, and how through the merciful, compassionate, eternal, grace of God man gets freed from its clutches.

The word "sin" has become one of the most controversial expressions of our time. Each passing day has its share of rising antagonism as well as protagonists when discussing or merely mentioning this word.

There are therefore many questions that come to mind when we hear the word sin: What is sin? Where does it come from? How can we escape it? Is there hope for redemption?

Well, in this book I try to delve in to answer many of these questions and even go further to show that there are no external forces responsible for the existence of sin, but man himself contrary to the teaching by some that sin is external.

The book also points to the fact of the existence of sin as a creation of the spiritually conscious human being. And above all, of the many mercies of God gracefully laid out in Creation for the rescue of souls deeply enmeshed in transgressive behavioural patterns and indulgences.

It seeks to uphold the fact that the immutable Laws of Nature, which are the expressions of the Divine Will are the never changing perfect Laws of God, which no human subterfuge can ever bend, nor bring to breakage.

In the great laws of the cosmos all things are fulfilled, likewise in the running of all the fates of men. You are thus invited to examine the subject dispassionately here.

Maybe it will strike the right note, wherein the soul finds that which it needs to bring itself to completion of spirit.

Please do get yourself a copy of the book at Lulu.


Nkemkweluka Chidimma Ezike

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  • Ashley Webb

    One day I hope to have a blog like this. It is my dream. Thank you for this; It is an inspiration to me.

    • This is very kind of you! We at ahavaha are glad we could offer you some inspiration. Praying and hoping you get your own blog running soon! Blessings.

      • Gad

        I agree, this website is amazing! Great job with all of it and congrates on the book! Also, I have come from The Faith Filled Friends to thank you for visiting us!
        God Bless you guys in all you do!

        • Hello Gad, thanks for passing by our website and for your kind compliments. The book was written by Nkem who is a Guest writer. You can also look around to see some of the other work our writers and designers have done done! Blessings. ~Tikva~

  • Congratulations! This book looks to be an insightful read on a topic that many people wrestle with. You are a beautiful writer ♥

    • Hello Christy, the book was written by Nkem who wrote a guest piece for the blog. I will be sure to pass on your kind words of encouragement to him. Blessings always! ~Tikva~

  • Toyin Oladiran

    Hi there…I love this review. Thank you. I would love to publish it on my platform where, among other things, we review books, movies, tv series, activities (basically anything that can be considered to be entertainment) to give “values-sensitive users” options for ways to #filltheirspaces without #diminishingthatGodlight in them. Please contact me if you would be interested in posting this on my platform

    • Hello Toyin,
      It’s wonderful reading from you.
      I visited your blog and I like the work you are doing over there.
      Please keep it up.
      I did contact you and I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.