Poem- People banner

Poem: People

  They come They go Some fill Some empty Some give Some take   At times they’ll give a hand At times they’ll give a leg At other times you will give the hand At other times you will give the leg   Through laughter or tears They make us change Some our style Some Read More

The Book- How it is that sins are forgiven

The Book: How it is that sins are forgiven

The Book: How it is that sins are forgiven, is  204 page hardcover book which endeavours to bring enlightenment to the issue of the conception of sin, and how through the merciful, compassionate, eternal, grace of God man gets freed from its clutches. The word “sin” has become one of the most controversial expressions of Read More

Poem- On the floor

Poem: On the floor

She is on the floor Doubled over Her body going through spasms Not of pleasure but of pain She is wailing But you wouldn’t be able to tell See, she doesn’t make a sound, But if you take time to watch closely enough You will know she is breaking And if you keep watching long Read More

Poem- A No and a Yes

Poem: A No and a Yes

For somethings, No can’t be turned to Yes Not only because of their Letter differences But also their meaning When one says no, They do not mean yes When one says yes They do not mean no But can a no become a yes? If so, How would it happen? When would it happen? Who Read More

Interesting things my mother taught me- 22 quotes from famous people

Interesting things my mother taught me: 22 quotes from famous people

  “My mother used to say that there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet. Dame Edna Everage “My mother said I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more intelligent and more educated than college professors.”  Maya Angelou   Please Read More

Poem - What age is it

Poem: What Age is it?

WHAT AGE IS IT? What age are we living in today? With no love With no peace With no joy With no patience With no loyalty With no gentleness With no faithfulness With no self-control With no generosity With no charity With no Humility All we care about is ourselves Our name Our desires Our Read More

Poem - Whispers

Poem: Whispers

The whispers keep ringing in my head With a garble that is quite hard to explain They keep me seeking and searching Because I need to know where they originate Whispers with such vibrancy Who knows where they really come from? Some say from no where Perhaps that’s why I can’t find where they come Read More

Poem- The Pharisee

Poem: The Pharisee

Haha! You never seem to amuse me Quiet they say you are But you are so cunning You are nothing but a hypocrite Pretending to be who you are not You seek my help But I after I have given it to you You go behind my back And slander me to others You never Read More

Poem - Music made by kings

Poem: Music made by Kings

I love music! Music is a language to me It’s a language that speaks to my bits and pieces It speaks to crevices in my soul And shards of my mind It speaks to the scars on my body And the unknown planes in my spirit When I hear the right music. And yes, there Read More