Joy- Scriptures from the New Testament- 20 Bible Verses photo

Joy: Scriptures from the New Testament: 20 Bible Verses

“Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness,” says the Dictionary. “Joy is an emotion in response to a pleasant observation or a remembrance thereof. The reason for a joyful reaction is usually that some expectation or need has been satisfied. Joy differs from happiness in that it is an emotion. Happiness, on the other hand, is what Read More

3 ways to love people through random encounters

3 ways to love people through random encounters

Did you know that random encounters can be opportunities for more? Do you want to learn more on making use random encounters? Well, in this spiritual and deeply insightful article, Pastor Chris Weatherly helps us answer these questions and also provides us with wonderful ways of loving people through random encounters. Chris Weatherly is currently Read More

Trying to reconcile faith, hope, love with war and conflict- Memorial day Scriptures and reflections

Trying to reconcile faith, hope, love with war and conflict: Memorial day Scriptures and reflections

How do we reconcile a holy faith with death and killing? How do we reconcile love with war, conflict, and suffering? How do we reconcile hope with apparently desperate, forlorn situations? How do the these seemingly contrasting paradigms fit together? These are some of the questions believers are often privately faced with or externally asked Read More

Poem Beauty In a cross

Poem: Beauty In a cross

Beauty In a cross ~ . ~ You want beauty. At least that’s what you say. That you are looking for beauty. You ask me what beauty is. I don’t tell you About delicate dandelions Or exquisite daisies Or feathery petals That used to be beauty But not anymore Now, beauty is A cross A Read More

Poem on beautiful abstract ring

Poem: Oh! Oh!

Oh! What boundless love Oh! What endless love Oh! What deep love. Oh! What fulfilling love. Oh! What purifying love. ~ For immortal to become mortal. For God to live among men. For a king to become a servant. ~ Oh! His love amazes me! Oh! His love leaves me speechless! Oh! I’m in awe! Read More

my hopping dove poem on white background

Poem: My hopping Dove

A dove! Flying out of an old! Old Ark! Searching the lands filled With water after great floods Flying into an old! Old Ark! A branch in it’s beak! Telling us, the floods are over! Telling us of new life! A signal  of Hope! Yes! Hope for redemption. Hope for better. Hope for new. Hope Read More

31 Women Who Died for Love in History, Literature and Folklore

31 Women Who Died for Love in History, Literature and Folklore

Is it better to die for love than to live for love is the question that first rang through my mind when I came across a friend’s FB status update that read something like? Valentine died for love, Romeo also died for love, Jack in titanic died for love, Samson in the Bible died for Read More