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    Dear Reader Time Is Everything

    Dear reader, time is everything. Dear reader, the best advice you will get in life is from someone who is losing theirs. The best advice on Time keeping is from someone who is late. Happy Belated Birthday, Steve Jobs. The Apple co-founder would have turned 63 years old on February 24th 2018.Wiki says that His declassified FBI report states that he used marijuana and LSD while he was in college, and he once told a reporter that taking LSD was one of the two or three most important things that he did in his life. Queen Elizabeth the first’s last words were profoundly poetic. She summed it pretty well when…

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    Love Themed Christian Wallpapers

    Love Themed Christian Wallpapers. Love is a beautiful, unifying and positive emotion. Love makes life worth living. Love makes us feel whole. So, why not get your mobile phone, computer, laptop, tablet a Love Themed Wallpaper and Screensaver? It will not only brighten and beautify your screen but it will help you spread the love around You can also share and send the wallpapers and screensavers with your loved ones. You can send the wallpaper as a simple love gift that is sure to add a smile to the face of your beloved To find Full Length Images and More Love Themed Wallpapers and Screensavers, please Click Here. 7 Beloved, let us love…

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    Why You Should Have A Christian Wallpaper On Your Mobile Phone And Computer

    Why You Should Have A Christian Wallpaper On Your Mobile Phone And Computer. Here are some reasons why you should have a Christian Wallpaper on your mobile phone or computer. A wallpaper with Bible Verses helps in Memorization of Bible Scripture. A christian wallpaper offers messages of inspiration, motivation and encouragement. A colorful wallpaper adds splash and pop to a dull screen. A gorgeous wallpaper gives a mobile phone or computer beauty. A lovely wallpaper can give your mobile phone screen or computer a touch of freshness. A christian wallpaper with Bible scripture offers spiritual edification. Download these Christian Wallpapers for your Mobile Phone and Computer How to change your Mobile Phone’s…