• Having the Grace and Grit to boldly say NO to deception and face persecution with Courage and Confidence

    Having The Grace And Grit To Boldly Say NO To Deception And Face Persecution With Courage And Confidence

    Sometimes it’s tough to stand against popular trends and say NO. Sometimes its hard to tell people the truth about their actions with no fear. Sometimes its exhausting to refuse to let go of your values against the pressures. Sometimes it’s difficult to resit the urge of the shinny knowledge and mystic of New Age. Sometimes it’s taxing to resit the appeal of universalism, one world religion and other fancy ideas. They will label youThey will pile abusesThey will exclude youThey will lie about youThey will try to break youThey will try to change youThey will throw stones at youThey will slander your reputationThey will insult you and your GodThey…