• Does Money Answer all things_ The Bible and The Bitcoin Question.

    Does Money Answer All Things? The Bible And The Bitcoin Question

    King Solomon had this to say about Money, Wine and feasts. “A feast is made for laughter, And wine makes merry; But money answers everything.”¬† Ecclesiastes 10:19 “Money answers everything.” That is a pretty deep statement. And in our highly materialistic world, this can be a very tempting statement to push one into investing in any venture that seems like it will increase the bank balance. Many people joined the Bitcoin craze and some people apparently reaped astronomically from trading in it. But before some people crash as they rush, I felt that we shouldn’t ignore some of the red flags that keep blinking. While I believe poverty is not…

  • 17 things on business and investment we can learn from the Parable of the hidden treasure and pearl

    17 Things On Business And Investment We Can Learn From The Parable Of The Hidden Treasure And Pearl

    The parable of the hidden treasure and pearl is three short verses long and yet there is a lot it teaches on prudent living, faith, God, heaven, business, finance and investment. Reading it, the first lesson that immediately becomes obvious to me is what it teaches about the Kingdom of heaven and God.¬†Many believers can testify about the many sacrifices they have made or the various comforts they have given up for the promise of a far greater and more precious treasure. The Bible itself is also filled with many people like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David etc who gave up the temporary for the permanent (Hebrews Chapter 11…