Songs That Got Me Through The Year | 2017 – Praise And Worship

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Songs That Got Me Through The Year | 2017 – Praise And Worship.

It was an interesting year for me with so many lessons to learn and one of the biggest lessons was the power of praise and worship to bring about change.

I managed to get through some challenges I faced during the year through worship and praise. Before this year I really had no idea just how powerful worshipping God and bowing at his feet would be like.

I saw many closed doors open and many open doors close because I opened my lips to offer praise and worship to God. This year also saw me try out various genre of music as I purposed in my heart to filter the kind of music I would be listening to as I moved away from ungodly music to more godly sounds.

So, if I’m to look through my playlist and select some songs that really touched me, caused miracles and generally changed my life, this would look something like it.

PS: The songs are randomly listed with no grading and I just selected 11 from a long list.

No Longer Slaves – Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

From Fear to Faith. Yes, Jesus took this Woman from a Woman of Fear to a Woman of Faith. I praise his Holy name

Healing Rain – Michael W. Smith

This old classic by Michael W Smith is still able to offer calming balm over painfully hot areas in my soul.

Unstoppable Love – Jesus Culture feat. Kim Walker-Smith

This taught me how relentless, wide, deep, high and great the Love of Jesus is for me. Jesus loves me so much.

Prince of Peace – Hillsong United

Listening to this, I was always reminded that only Jesus is able to give real and true peace. My Prince of Peace. Oh so in love with Jesus!

Mighty Man of War – Jimmy D Psalmist

There is a reason that Jesus is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He is the strongest fighter and warrior of all.

Love Has A Name – Jesus Culture feat. Kim Walker-Smith

I found out the true name of Love. And it’s a simple answer. JESUS!

Only you Jesus – Ada

Listening to Ada’s Hit Song  always reminded me that I’m nothing without Jesus and there is nothing I can do without him.

Chasing You – Jenn Johnson

Oh yes! This totally described how I felt about Jesus everyday. I’m a woman after God’s own heart.

Break Every Chain – Jesus Culture

There is no chain that Jesus can not break. Be it addiction, sickness or sin. Jesus is able to break all bondages. There is infinite power in the name of Jesus.

I Surrender – Hillsong United

Surrender and submission wasn’t something that always came easily for me. But this year has taught me to surrender my will to Jesus more and more.

Feel The Night – Strahan

Such deeply penetrating vibes and lyrics from Strahan making me eager for the coming of the Lord. I can only hope you are ready for the coming of Jesus because he is coming.

Give to the Lord, O families of the peoples,
Give to the Lord glory and strength.
29 Give to the Lord the glory due His name;
Bring an offering, and come before Him.
Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!

1 Chronicles 16:28-29


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