Poem: Whispers

Poem - Whispers

The whispers keep ringing in my head

With a garble that is quite hard to explain

They keep me seeking and searching

Because I need to know where they originate

Whispers with such vibrancy

Who knows where they really come from?

Some say from no where

Perhaps that’s why I can’t find where they come from

However hard I search

Sometimes though,

When I listen hard enough,

They sound like a reflection of our lifetimes

As soft as they may seem to sound,

As hard as they seem to reflect us

And whether you can hear them or not,

Yet, will they always be around

The whispers keep getting louder in my ears

They are so hard to ignore now

They are not afraid to heard loudly anymore

Now, instead of being shy,

They are not afraid to speak up

They are not afraid to be heard loud and clear

Now, the whispers demand to be acknowledged

And it's up to you, to listen or ignore

As softly as they may give your ears a tickle

As hard as they will manifest in your life

And if you don't pay heed,

The wind will carry them away gently

But they won't be gone forever

They will find a way to come back

Bigger! Louder! More ominous!

But don't fret

They are just Whispers!



Gabriella Opifini

Also published on Medium.