Poem: The Pharisee

Poem- The Pharisee


You never seem to amuse me

Quiet they say you are

But you are so cunning

You are nothing but a Hypocrite

Pretending to be who you are not

You seek my help

But after I have given it to you

You go behind my back

And slander me to others


You never seize to keep me puzzled

Keep slandering my name

Keep backbiting me

Keep gossiping about me

Keep on pretending

As you do,

Someone else will do to you

Your dishonesty won't last my friend


Nothing is hidden under the sun

Someday your Hypocrisy

Will cost you everything

It will cost you, your dignity, honor and respect

You might not care about anything as yet

You might keep offending and hurting others

That's okay!


Keep on keeping on

But I warn you friend,

If you continue this way,

You will lose everything

And you will be left with no one to lean

Not even yourself!

Gabriella Opifini

Also published on Medium.