Poem: Pain

Poem- Pain

No one escapes it

It shakes every soul


You catch glimpses of it

In soiled pillows,

Rainy faces,

Burrowed lines,

Downcast eyes,

Scowls in place of smiles,

Heaving shoulders,

Gasping breaths,

Lost tempers,

Whining lips,

Complaining voices,


But sometimes

It’s so hidden

You will not catch it

Because it will be buried

In places eyes can’t see


And there it will

Crush the soul

Blows so fatal

Insides start to

Die and decay

Little slices of life

Chopped off like pieces of wood


In such gruesome moments

When the pain is unbearable

And your world seems lost

It’s easy to forget

The purpose of pain


The purpose to push

Out of comfort zones

The purpose to teach

Deeper truths

The purpose to re-ignite

Burning embers

The purpose to rebirth

Buried pieces of you


Gabriella Opifini

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  • Wow, very emotional.. Pain can bury us, and your words remind me of this.. You continue to grow and rise from the solid footing you are placing for yourself xx

    • Hello Christy,
      This poem was sent in by Gabriella who is a budding young poet.
      I’m sure she will be overjoyed to read your motivating words.
      Thank you for your continued support to our team.