Poem: Mother And Son

Poem - Mother and Son


Mother this is getting too much

I told you

I don’t like milk anymore

I want something new

I want a new diet

Something a little more challenging

Something like millet bread

Mother, don’t you see?

I’m now a man!

Don’t you see?

I can do as I want now.

Mother, please!

Stop treating me like a child.


Son, don’t be so quick to speak this way

You now talk of change

You say you don’t like milk anymore

You say you want millet bread instead

You say you want a little more challenge

You say you are now a man!

But my son,

I hope you don’t forget that you are still my son

You can do what you want to do,

But everything is not beneficial to you

Somethings, require wisdom

So, go slow in these new desires

And it’s true that you are not a child anymore

But you will always be my son.

Gabriella Opifini

Also published on Medium.