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Mesmerism Techniques And Psychology – The Vintage Woman.

If you desire to mesmerize a person, who has never been put in that state, nor in the least affected, the plan is to set him in an easy posture and request him to be calm and resigned.

Biblical Psychology: Christ-Centered Solutions for Daily Problems Kindle Edition By Oswald Chambers.

Take him by both hands, or else by one hand and place your other gently on his forehead. But with whatever part of his body you choose to come in contact, be sure to always touch two points, answering to the positive and negative forces.

Having taken him by both hands, fix your eyes upon his, and, if possible, let him contentedly and steadily look you in the face. Remain in this position until his eyes close. Then place both your hands on his head, gently pass them to his shoulders, down the arms, and off at the ends of his fingers.

Throw your hands outward as you return them to his head, and continue these passes till he can hear no voice but yours. He is then entirely in the mesmeric state.

When a person is in the mesmeric state, whether put there by yourself or someone else, you can awake him by the upward passes, or else do it by an impression, as follows: Tell him, “I will count three, and at the same instant I say three I will slap my hands together, and you will be wide awake and in your perfect senses. Are you ready?”


If he answers in the affirmative, you will proceed to count “One, two, three!” The word three should be spoken suddenly, and in a very loud voice, and at the same instant the palms of the hands should be smitten together. This will instantly awake him.

Excerpt From The Ladies Book Of Useful Information.


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