“I’m tougher than a bullet,” says 14 year old girl shot in the head

Deserae Turner tougher than bullet quote

Deserae Turner Reasons to be Happy Quote

14-year-old Deserae Turner is a 14 year old teenage girl who was shot in the head (the bullet is still lodged in her skull) by two 16 year old boys who stole her belongings and were intent on killing her. She was later found by friends who had been searching for her  in a dry, dirty canal in very critical condition and was admitted to the hospital in a coma.  She spent two months hospitalized at the Primary Children’s Hospital and after a difficult time receiving treatment, she has now been a discharged home to recuperate.

Deserae Turner tougher than bullet quote

On the day, she was discharged, she said these powerful words, “I’m tougher than a bullet”

And Deserae Turner is indeed tougher than a bullet as she survived not only her physical injuries but was courageous and strong enough with the help of her heavenly father, family, Doctors and countless strangers who prayed for her to endure her difficult circumstances and turn a heart breaking story of fear, hate, malice, pain, anger into one filled with gratitude, faith, kindness, love and hope.

Deserae Turner Heavenly father quote

14 Year old Girl shot in head released from hospital: ‘I’m tougher than a bullet’ from UpliftingNews

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