How to Heal Your Mind, Spirit, Soul, Body And Heart Wounds

How to Heal Your Mind, Spirit, Soul, Body and Heart Wounds

Today, I need to talk about wounds. Yes wounds! Now I do admit that there are many types of wounds; 

Some deep, some superficial, some just a little too close to the bone.

I also know that wounds can be caused by a number of things like burns, falls, car accidents, animal bites, physical abuse etc.

I’m sure most of you understand that human beings are not just one dimensional. We are made of five dimensions; Mind, Body, Soul, Heart and Spirit.

The scriptures say it best.

Psalms 139:14

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

But I’m not here to talk about the other dimensions. I’m here to talk about souls. The place where our emotions reside.

One might ask, what are soul wounds? How are soul wounds caused?

Now, because it’s difficult to see a soul, some people ignore soul wounds but the more we ignore them, the deeper they grow. Sometimes, they grow so deep, we forget who we are. They grow so deep until we are shadows of ourselves. They grow so deep, we can’t find a cure for them.

Some try to find a cure in drugs and pills. Others try sex, comfort in a body. Some try to drown the pain in a bottle or a hobby. But after awhile, and after much trying, they feel emptier and worse than they started.

Soul wounds don’t heal. The pain will torment you through flash blacks and memories. 

You will never find a cure in drugs, pills, sex, alcohol, hobbies or video games.

A number of things cause our pains: The list may go something like this:

Hurt and disappointment by friends, family or just the world.
Betrayal by loved ones.
Domestic abuse and violence.
Sexual abuse.
Loss of loved ones
The list goes on and on.

After awhile, pure souls can become dark and scary places. And dark souls can lead to hard and bitter hearts.

But thank God for a cure. Yes! There is but one cure for soul wounds.


Therefore as you go out today, please love a soul. It could be a smile, or a hug, or a kiss. Whatever little you can do, please do. You just don’t know whose medicine you might be.

I sign this off with a little love from me to you. A little gift of poetry.

  Deep gashes and slashes
  Wounds that live in the soul
  Some leave scars
  But some keep bleeding
  You can see them!
  In angry words.
  In rude faces.
  In unkind acts.
  They can be healed
  Love heals.
  Love washes scars away.


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