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Creating For God’s Less Fortunate – Weaving Bed Rolls For The Homeless

Creating for God’s less fortunate – Weaving bed rolls for the homeless.

Many people throw out plastic bags, considering them useless after bringing items home from shopping. However, God has created a new use for these otherwise disposable sacks. Christian churches across the country are participating in sewing with plastic bags and quilting for the homeless. The National Alliance to End Homelessness tells us that there are over 550,000 people sleeping on the streets every night. Recycling plastic bags and creating small quilts for these people to use seems like a logical way to help perpetuate God’s work. The homeless receive a useful bedroll, and the community recycles otherwise wasted material.

Getting Started Means Collecting Supplies

Creating For God’s Less Fortunate - Weaving Bed Rolls For The Homeless quilt

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Gathering plastic bags is the first step in completing this project, keeping in mind that one mat requires up to 700 medium-sized bags. Ask your prayer group to gather bags from friends and neighbors. Remind the prayer group how creative projects increase spiritual well-being to help encourage volunteers. Smaller mom and pop grocery stores may donate bags for free or a reduced price. Let the community as a whole know about the project, and offer a drop-off area to make it easy for people to leave their bags. Each participant will need a 10mm crochet hook and scissors after the bags are collected to complete the plastic mat portion of the project. The quilting portion of the project is easily completed with supplies from quilting boxes that provide all the necessary materials.

Leave No Hands Idle

As Proverbs 16:27-29 reminds us, idle hands are the devil’s playground. Get everyone in on the project by letting those who cannot crochet or quilt prepare the bags. Each bag must have the handles removed and the bottom seam opened. The bag is then cut into four strips that open into loops. Cutting across the store name will provide this effect. The loops are then hooked with the lark’s head knot, and crocheted to the desired length. 

Creating For God’s Less Fortunate - Weaving Bed Rolls For The Homeless quilt

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The quilted blanket portion of the project requires more than one specialty quilting supply boxes, which supply items such as patterns, quilting tools, fabric and more. Ask for quilting volunteers who will work solely on the quilts. Find extra necessary supplies, such as extra squares beyond the box contents, through donations or second-hand stores to finish the blankets. After the project is finished, distribute the bedrolls in God’s name.

The most important thing to remember is that this project takes time. Collecting the materials and finding enough volunteers might require months of preparation. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and God will point you in the right direction.

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