For Children With Lost Dreams

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For Children With Lost Dreams.

Some children dream of positively changing the world.

Some children dream of helping their parents and others.

Some children dream of spreading love, light and beauty.

Despite all these glorious aspirations, the dreams of so 

many children get lost in the sea of illness, 

parent’s divorce, abandonment and sometimes death.

Jesus had a special and soft spot for children and he once said this to those who were rebuking the children from accessing him:

13 Then little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray, but the disciples rebuked them.

14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

15 And He laid His hands on them and departed from there.

Matthew 19:13-15

So, for the children whose dreams have been cut short for one reason or another, I dedicate this Poem written by Kae Bucher.

This heartbreakingly beautiful poem was written by Kae in honor of Down syndrome babies who are now nestling safe and secure in their heavenly Father’s bosom.

It’s a deeply moving poem you can finish reading by clicking the link below.

Xoxo… she hopes to give hugs and kisses hugs and kisses…but amnios show she has too…too…too much love to give away..too many #21 chromosomes… she has too many xoxo’s so her love is filed under aborted reasoning on tic tac toe charts … where mommies and daddies don’t hold extra special babies with extra special […]

via she hopes to be a birthday princess  — Buckets on a Barefoot Beach


What Does Love Mean To Children

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What does love mean to children as they grow up?

What does love mean to children as they grow up?

Are we teaching children the true meaning of love and helping them not only know the love of Jesus Christ but love for others?

I found five children at the park and decided to ask them what love meant to each of them. They gave me some delightful answers.

Thomas – Age 6 – “Love is when Daddy tucks me in to sleep at night and reads me a story.”

Jenny – Age 5 – “Love is when mummy buys me dolls and treats.”

Benjamin – Age 5 – “Love is being all nice and good.” 

Gerry – Age 7 – “Love is when my mummy and my daddy kiss and look at each other with that look in their eyes.”

Regina – Age 6 – “When my friend Destiny shares her toys and snacks with me while we are playing, that is love.

Ritu is a working mother who has two adorable children.

She shares her experiences on, “What love means to kids”  in an awesome blog post. Her post was inspired by a question she asked her two children on what love meant to them.

Her children gave very creative  responses.

In answering the question, they imaginatively expressed themselves by drawing pictures, writing posts and some very heart warming poetry. She starts her fabulous blog post by telling us: 

“I asked my children what love meant, and both of them, at separate times, mad faces at me, and went “Yuck!” Typical reactions for an 11 and 9-year-old! Love = boys/girls = kissing. Of course, that’s ‘yuck’ to them! After a little more explanation, the best we came up with was this; Lil Man There” ……. 

via Day 17 #Loveuary ❤ What Does Love Mean to Kids — But I Smile Anyway…

To read the Full Blog Post, please click the Link above

As we help children learn how to love wholesomely, we should remember to teach them the 1 Corinthians 13Bible definition of love which I summarized as:

Love is patient

Love is kind.

Love does not envy

Love is not boastful

Love is not puffed up

Love does not act improperly

Love is not selfish

Love is not provoked

Love thinks no evil

Love does not keep a record of wrongs

Love takes no pleasure in wrongdoing, but has joy in what is true

Love bears all things

Love believes all things

Love hopes all things

Love endures all things

Love never fails


1 Corinthians 13:4-8


Female Names Based On Love Starting With Letter A

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Female Names Based On Love Starting With Letter A.

We all have a name. Names are powerful. Some people have said Names determine destiny and, “follow people.” Anyhow, since love is a powerful and beautiful emotion I went in search of names inspired by love from various countries and languages in the World. Below, I share 40 of my Favorite female names starting with Letter A. In case you are searching for Baby names or want to change your own name, this may just be inspiration you need.

Ahava Origin - Hebrew Meaning - Dearly loved Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Dearly loved


Origin: Germany
Meaning: Lovely or Happy


Origin: France
Meaning: Beloved friend


Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Loveable


Origin: India
Meaning: Love

Ai - Origin - Japan Meaning - Love Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: Japan
Meaning: Love


 Origin: Germany
Meaning: Dearly loved


Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Dearly loved


Origin: Arabia
Meaning: Beloved

Amadea - Origin - Latin-America Meaning - Loved by God - Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Loved by God


Origin: Japan
Meaning: Little loved one


Origin: India
Meaning: Beloved


Origin: Arabia
Meaning: Loves her husband


Origin: Ireland
Meaning: Loved one

Amia Origin - France Meaning - Beloved - Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: France
Meaning: Beloved


Origin: Germany
Meaning: Lovely or Happy


Origin: Africa
Meaning: Woman of love


Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Love of God

Aroha - Origin - Hawaii Meaning - Love - Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: Hawaii
Meaning: Love


 Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Beloved


 Origin: Africa
Meaning: To know her is to love her 


Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Beloved

Amanda Origin - Latin-America Meaning - Worthy of love - Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Worthy of love


Origin: France
Meaning: Dearly loved


 Origin: America
Meaning: An undying love


Origin: Celtic
Meaning: Beloved

Amora - Origin - Spain Meaning - Love - Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: Spain
Meaning: Love


 Origin: France
Meaning: Loves God


Origin: America
Meaning: Loved one


Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Love


Origin: Germany
Meaning: Beloved and noble friend

Amy - Origin - France Meaning - Dearly beloved - Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: France
Meaning: Dearly beloved


 Origin: Spain
Meaning: Beloved


 Origin: Latin-America
Meaning: Little love


 Origin: France
Meaning: Dearly loved

Arete - Origin - Greece Meaning - Gracefully lovely - Female Names Based On Love Social Media Square Image


Origin: Greece
Meaning: Gracefully lovely


 Origin: Italy
Meaning: The gift of love


 Origin: Ireland
Meaning: Loved one


Origin: England
Meaning: Loved


Origin: Wales
Meaning: Much loved


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