God’s Stitches- Emily Susanne -

God’s Stitches – Emily Susanne

Do you ever look around and feel inadequate or unsure of your future? Do you compare yourself to others or question God’s plans for your life? Don’t worry lovely reader, you’re in good company. A few weeks ago these exact feelings were swirling around my brain. I was cleaning out my purse when I found the… Read More

What do you say when you don’t know how to pray-

What do you say when you don’t know how to pray?

  What do you say when you don’t know how or what to pray? Have you ever found yourself in moments and situations where you want to pray and don’t know how to or you have a need but know what to say? Well, you are not alone. Many people all over the world, believers Read More

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The Sinful Woman and Her Alabaster Jar​

Countless times in my life, I have felt like the sinful woman Luke writes about in the Bible. And more times than I can remember and for various reasons, I have found myself at my Saviour’s feet, weeping and telling him , ‘Lord, here is my alabaster jar. I don’t have much to give you Read More