So The Poor Have Hope – Hope Bible Verses

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So The Poor Have Hope – Hope Bible Verses.

Biblical Job lost his children, his wealth and his health. And yet despite the cruel blows life dealt him, he held onto Hope for better. He trusted that his God and redeemer would rescue him. And God did indeed restore back to him all he had lost.

So what lessons can we learn from Job about Hope in the midst of despair, hopelessness, pain and suffering?

1. However difficult the situation, however tempting it maybe please don’t let go of your integrity. Integrity is a part of righteousness which is also a component of the full armor of God for spiritual warfare. Maintain your integrity because someday it will give you hope for better times. 

Is not your reverence your confidence?

And the integrity of your ways your hope?

Job 4:6

2. If you are poor. Whether spiritually, materially, emotionally or in any way, have Hope and assurance that the Lord God almighty will save you from your poverty and need if you maintain your trust in him.

15 But He saves the needy from the sword,

From the mouth of the mighty,

And from their hand.

16 So the poor have hope,

And injustice shuts her mouth.

Job 5:15-16

3. If you put your trust in God and his promises you have cause to Hope because the Lord makes secure those who seek him for help and trust in him.

18 And you would be secure, because there is hope;

Yes, you would dig around you, and take your rest in safety.

19 You would also lie down, and no one would make you afraid;

Yes, many would court your favor.

Job 11:18-19

4. If there is Hope for a Tree which can be easily cut down, there is Hope for you and whatever situation you are facing right now.

7 “For there is hope for a tree,

If it is cut down, that it will sprout again,

And that its tender shoots will not cease.

8 Though its root may grow old in the earth,

And its stump may die in the ground,

9 Yet at the scent of water it will bud

And bring forth branches like a plant.

Job 14:7-9

5. If you find yourself questioning life and God like Job when life deals you a cruel hand, please put your Hope and trust in the Lord Jesus because he never fails and he will never fail anyone who comes to him for help.

11 “What strength do I have, that I should hope?

And what is my end, that I should prolong my life?

12 Is my strength the strength of stones?

Or is my flesh bronze?

13 Is my help not within me?

And is success driven from me?

14 “To him who is afflicted, kindness should be shown by his friend,

Job 6:11-14


To Give Them Beauty For Ashes – Comfort Bible Verses

To Give Them Beauty For Ashes - Comfort Bible Verses Blog Post Banner Image

  1. Are you seeking comfort?
  2. Are you facing an uncertain future?
  3. Are you filled with anguish and despair?
  4. Are you scared about what tomorrow holds?
  5. Are you going through troubled times?
  6. Are you worried of tough circumstances?
  7. Is adversity knocking at your door?
  8. Is life difficult?
  9. Is calamity calling your name?
  10. Is your situation unbearable?
  11. Is grief filling your soul?
  12. Is chaos surrounding you?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I’m writing to let you know that:

  1. Jesus can give you the comfort you desperately seek.
  2. Jesus is in control of the future.
  3. Jesus is steadfast and sure anchor of Hope.
  4. Jesus holds tomorrow in his hands.
  5. Jesus went through troubled times and he conquered so he can help you conquer.
  6. Jesus has the ability to take our worries away if we allow him to.
  7. Send Jesus to the door when adversity knocks.
  8. Give Jesus your life filled with difficulties and watch him give you a new life.
  9. Call the name of Jesus when calamity calls your name.
  10. Take your unbearable situation to Jesus and he will make it better.
  11. Ask Jesus to turn the broken pieces of your grief filled soul into wholeness.
  12. Request Jesus to cover you with his precious blood and a wall of fire filled with his presence so that the chaos around doesn’t touch you.

I have listed a number of verses from the Bible that you can read and mediate on. As you fill your mind, soul, heart and spirit with God’s word, you will feel the comfort only Jesus can provide. The word of God is very powerful and it’s able to break down any uncertainties, troubles, difficulties and adversities.

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,
Because the Lord has anointed Me
To preach good tidings to the poor;
He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to the captives,
And the opening of the prison to those who are bound;
2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,
And the day of vengeance of our God;
To comfort all who mourn,
3 To console those who mourn in Zion,
To give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of joy for mourning,
The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;
That they may be called trees of righteousness,
The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”

Isaiah 61:1-3

Remember the word to Your servant,
Upon which You have caused me to hope.
50 This is my comfort in my affliction,
For Your word has given me life.

Psalms 119:49-50

“Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance,
And the young men and the old, together;
For I will turn their mourning to joy,
Will comfort them,
And make them rejoice rather than sorrow.
14 I will satiate the soul of the priests with abundance,
And My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the Lord.”

Jeremiah 31:13-14

You, who have shown me great and severe troubles,
Shall revive me again,
And bring me up again from the depths of the earth.
21 You shall increase my greatness,
And comfort me on every side.
22 Also with the lute I will praise You—
And Your faithfulness, O my God!
To You I will sing with the harp,
O Holy One of Israel.

Psalms 71:20-22

For the Lord will comfort Zion,
He will comfort all her waste places;
He will make her wilderness like Eden,
And her desert like the garden of the Lord;
Joy and gladness will be found in it,
Thanksgiving-and-gratitude-in-empowering-you-to-live-a-healthier-life/">Thanksgiving and the voice of melody.

Isaiah 51:3

I know, O Lord, that Your judgments are right,
And that in faithfulness You have afflicted me.
76 Let, I pray, Your merciful kindness be for my comfort,
According to Your word to Your servant.
77 Let Your tender mercies come to me, that I may live;
For Your law is my delight.

Psalms 119:75-77

‘Therefore thus says the Lord:
“I am returning to Jerusalem with mercy;
My house shall be built in it,” says the Lord of hosts,
“And a surveyor’s line shall be stretched out over Jerusalem.” ’
17 “Again proclaim, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts:
“My cities shall again spread out through prosperity;
The Lord will again comfort Zion,
And will again choose Jerusalem.”

Zechariah 1:16-17

As one whom his mother comforts,
So I will comfort you;
And you shall be comforted in Jerusalem.”

Isaiah 66:13

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
Will bring her into the wilderness,
And speak comfort to her.
15 I will give her her vineyards from there,
And the Valley of Achor as a door of hope;
She shall sing there,
As in the days of her youth,
As in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.
16 “And it shall be, in that day,”
Says the Lord,
“That you will call Me ‘My Husband,’
And no longer call Me ‘My Master,’

Hosea 2:14-16

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever.

Psalms 23:4-6

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