Daily Bible Verses

  • These verses are beautiful!

    • Thank you Robin…Very kind of you.

      • Ricca

        Hey! I just saw your post responding to my inquiry about your name πŸ˜„! I’m sooo excited to hear that it’s Hebrew!! So far there have been several Hebrew words in it that I’ve learned plus this one!! How tremendously amazing! We are living in days of true astonishment all around. I started speaking in this language around 3 years ago and so far the words I actually understand are all Hebrew but I think some are also from other Mediterranean languages too like ΓΌva which can mean young or grapes or idiot or youth depending on the language. I’m really astonished by it and have asked the Lord for discernment so I can understand it more than just by spirit and it’s really gratifying to learn the primary words. Ahava is one that’s been said frequently. I so glad to know it means Love!

        Blessings to you, sweet angel! Thanks for sharing!

        • Totally awesome! Thanks for the feedback.

          • Ricca

            Have a great day!

  • Dee Dawson

    Is there any way to download these Bible verses?

    • Hello Dee, yes you can download the Bible verses as they are free!
      Just right click on your device, you will probably get various options but one of them should be titled “save image”!
      Just click on that and the images should save.
      I hope this tip was helpful.