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Benefits And Importance Of Thanksgiving And Gratitude In Empowering You To Live A Healthier Life

Benefits And Importance Of Thanksgiving And Gratitude In Empowering You To Live A Healthier Life.

There are tones of benefits in practicing Gratitude.

Learning appreciation is definitely something you will want to have to have a better life.

Developing a spirit of thanksgiving is a great tool in helping to improve quality of life. 

And in all honesty, if we look around us there is so much we can be thankful as God has given us more blessings than we can ever imagine.

It often just takes the right attitude and spirit to see this abundance.

In writing about the various benefits to gratitude, we start off first by mentioning a number of ways to help you develop and also maintain an attitude of Thankfulness and gratitude.

  • Starting with Simplicity

Remember the simple blessings and pleasures in your daily life and keep a simple list or record of these pleasures.

It may also be helpful to set reminders around the house, your room, your car or anywhere else where you will easily be reminded in case you forget.


  • God and Spirituality

Continually give thanks to God for every situation and circumstance in your life even if you don’t understand it. Give thanks to God for both the positive and negative situations. God is deeply moved by our praise and gratitude in whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in.

  • Growing 

Keep increasing your thankfulness and gratitude list as the days go on as you seek for more ways of being thankful.


  • Motivation to keep going

If you need motivation and inspiration to keep being grateful, you can take a walk, drive, listen to music or engage in a hobby.


  • Creating 

Learn to turn your complaints, irritants, challenges, frustrations, negative circumstances into opportunities for gratitude e.g If someone makes you angry, learn to channel this to thankfulness instead of criticism or responding in an angry manner, choosing to respond with thanks will lead to more positive outcomes.


  • Expanding

Find people you can practice gratefulness with and keep building the chain and increasing the network.

  • Thankfulness helps us draw nearer to God and have a deeper more fulfilling relationship with him.
  • Thankfulness gives us an opportunity to celebrate the present and to make the most of it.
  • Thankfulness helps in reducing and even getting rid of negative emotions like envy, bitterness, rage etc
  • Thankfulness helps to overcome stress. 
  • Thankfulness increases self-esteem, self worth and confidence.
  • Thankfulness increases happiness. 
  • Thankfulness makes us more likable.
  • Thankfulness improves health through release of positive hormones.
  • Thankfulness strengthens and improves our positive emotions.
  • Thankfulness helps to make our careers and professions better.
  • Thankfulness helps to grow and develop personality and character.
  • Thankfulness is useful in decreasing materialism.
  • Thankfulness and praise unlocks the blessings of God into our life.
  • Thankfulness is helpful in combating depression and lifting off dark moods.
  • Thankfulness increases and enhances our optimism.
  • Thankfulness makes sleep healthier and more nourishing.
  • Thankfulness enables us to create better memories.
  • Thankfulness boasts productivity and effectiveness.
  • Thankfulness helps us to develop deeper and more fulfilling relationships with other people.
  • Thankfulness helps us be more empathetic, caring, kinder and more compassionate. 

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