31 Women Who Died for Love in History, Literature and Folklore

31 Women Who Died for Love in History, Literature and Folklore

Is it better to die for love than to live for love is the question that first rang through my mind when I came across a friend’s FB status update that read something like?

Valentine died for love,

Romeo also died for love,

Jack in titanic died for love,

Samson in the Bible died for love,

Greek Heroes Hercules & Achilles died for love.

Even Jesus Christ died for love!

Where are the women?

Don’t buy any woman a Valentines treat/Gift/Diamond ring this year until she gives you at least 5 names of women who died for love…

Because no woman would die for love…

Wake up, guys...

After my rather innocent initial question to myself, my feminine side rose up with fury.

Yes, friends!

My feline, cat or whatever other animal description can be used side of me reared its stubborn head.

I angrily, muttered to myself, "I'm really tired of these one-sided narratives. It's high time we started telling two sides of the story.”

I love a challenge, therefore I decided to take on the challenge and went looking for those women who have died for love in History.

However, as I was searching, another question kept nagging my mind (Yes! I suffer from questioning things syndrome).

When love is mentioned in this caption, is the author speaking of romantic love or the Biblical 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love.

Furthermore, countless women through the ages have died for love of children while in childbirth, for love of country in countless wars, for love of husbands, for love of lovers, for love of ideals, for love of peace, for love of family, for love of humanity etc.

Did the love stories of all these women not matter?

I also felt it didn't do justice to the multitude of women through the years, who have not died for love but have lived for love every day of their lives and made countless sacrifices of labor, youth, happiness, freedom, health, food, shelter, dreams, hopes, careers, money, professions, their names and identities and everything else in their power to make sure their loved ones were happy.

After looking and searching,  I wrote a blogpost and instead of only mentioning 5 women like the picture caption of the status update  requested, I decided to list 31 women in History, literature and folklore  who died for love.

This blog post is definitely not comprehensive and I do understand that it doesn't do proper justice to the topic at hand in celebrating these brave and fearless women who died for love.


  1. Cleopatra
  2. Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson
  3. Elizabeth Fry “Betsy”
  4. Mary Mitchell Slessor
  5. Queen Victoria of the UK of Great Britain and Ireland
  6. Florence Nightingale “The Lady with the Lamp”
  7. Helen Adams Keller
  8. Inés de Castro
  9. Sati Devi, is also known as Dakshayan
  10. Mumtaz Mahal "The elect of the palace"
  11. Diana Frances, Princess of Wales
  12. Benazir Bhutto,
  13. Joan of Arc "The Maid of Orléans"
  14. Mother Theressa
  15. Juliet Capulet
  16. Queen Boudica Queen of the British Celtic
  17. Rajendra Rajya Laxmi Devi
  18. Anne Boleyn “The second wife of King Henry VIII”
  19. Heloise
  20. Heer Ranjha
  21. Mirza Sahiba
  22. Sohni Mahiwal
  23. Iseult
  24. Eurydice
  25. Draga Masin
  26. Bonnie
  27.  Margaretha Geertruida Zelle "Mata Hari"
  28. Marie Curie
  29. Guinevere
  30. Anarkali
  31. Thisbe

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  • Oh love! From Cleopatra to Elizabeth Fry, the tragedy of romance is clear. Well done with this heart-wrenching subject matter!

    • Hello Christy thanks for the kind words. Indeed matters of the heart can be very heart-wrenching at times. Thank you.

  • We must not forget Queen Lydia Liliuokalani of the Kingdom of Hawaii

    • Ooooh!
      Thank you so much for the addition.
      I had no idea.
      What is her story like?
      Do you mind my including her on the list?
      Let me know.

      • This wicked nation, used so called christian missionaries to overthrow her reign. It stole Hawaii from her as a christian queen, and the love for her people broke her heart. There is a video documentary of her life on YouTube, check it out.

        Good news is, that they are currently petitioning our government, to restore the kingdom of Hawaii back to it rightful heirs. Most people don’t know this is currently going on.

        • The video link doesn’t show.
          Could you please resend it?
          Thanks so much for sharing.

          PS: Can I include her?

          • I didn’t send a video link, I said there is a documentary of her life on YouTube.

  • Here is a link there are longer ones also https://youtu.be/eHTOEfSyu-4

  • This eventually led to the bombing of Peal Harbour

    • Thanks for the links and for all the information you have shared!
      God bless you.